Legal Services for business
and private individuals
Experience, efficiency, accuracy.
Legal Services for business and private individuals
Experience, efficiency, accuracy.

Sviridenko & Partners provides a wide range of legal services both in the B2B sector and for private individuals.

Qualified lawyers of Sviridenko & Partners have the knowledge and professional experience necessary to successfully solve your problems.

The company's lawyers specialize in protecting and representing clients in courts and state authorities in Latvia and the European Union.

Only the proven solutions and individual attention: from legal advice and drafting of legal documents to the judicial representation of the customer's interests.

Sviridenko & Partners combines a broad theoretical base with an extensive practical experience, which allows providing legal services at the highest level.
Solving complex
legal problems
The priority areas of Sviridenko & Partners: tax law and tax disputes, administrative and legal protection of business, commercial law, corporate law, banking and finance law. For our clients we prepare the necessary documentation and support transactions, participate in negotiations and legal risk analysis.

Legal Services

 AML & Compliance
Our law firm specializes in developing comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), and international sanctions regulations. We provide legal assistance in navigating the compliance requirements of banks and financial technology companies, and offer support in handling compliance requests.
Brokerage and crowed funding licensing
We offer expertise in obtaining various financial services licenses in Latvia, including brokerage licenses for payment service providers (PSP)/electronic money institutions (EMI), as well as licenses related to alcohol, tobacco, and food.
Tax Law
We provide tax structuring services to optimize your tax obligations. We also offer representation before tax authorities, ensuring efficient and effective communication on your behalf. Our experienced team helps you navigate the complexities of tax law to achieve favorable results.
Immigration Law
Our team has experience in obtaining Latvian residence permits for citizens of CIS countries, India, China and other countries. Additionally, we provide assistance with various European residence permit programs such as Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. We also offer support in obtaining citizenship and passports in various countries worldwide.
Banks and PSPs
We offer services for account opening and provide representation for creditors. Our expertise in banking and payment service providers (PSPs/ EMIs) ensures smooth transactions and efficient financial management.
We handle LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) registration renewals and new applications. Our firm ensures that your organization remains compliant with regulatory requirements by managing your LEI registration process.
Corporate and Commercial Law
Our firm assists with company incorporations in Latvia, the European Union, and the European Economic Area. We also specialize in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), liquidation procedures, shareholder matters, and investment structuring, providing comprehensive support for corporate and commercial legal needs.
Real Estate
Our law firm provides expert guidance and support throughout the process of buying, selling, processing of mortgaging, and renting properties, ensuring legal compliance and protection of your interests.
IP Rights
We offer comprehensive services related to intellectual property (IP) rights, including trademark registration and various aspects of IP protection. Our expertise covers copyright, patents and trade secrets, assisting clients in safeguarding their valuable intangible assets.
Professional Translation
Our firm offers professional translation services to ensure accurate and reliable translations of legal documents and contracts.
We specialize in representing clients in court proceedings, in various matters, including litigation related to the liquidation of Latvian banks.
Drafting of Legal Documents
Our firm specialises in drafting a wide range of legal documents, including contracts, agreements, and other legal instruments.
Personal Legal Counsel
By choosing our services, you gain access to personalized general legal advice. Our subscription packages offer a cost-effective solution, providing comprehensive legal advice, contract drafting, and communication with government authorities, eliminating the need for separate payment and controls for each legal project in different countries.
Experienced law firm
from Latvia
We tackle mixed tasks of various complexity levels
Sviridenko & Partners law firm employs highly-qualified experts in various fields of law. The main advantage of Sviridenko & Partners is a professional team of experts who have wide competence, vast experience and individual attention to each client.

Our team

Skills and experience of Sviridenko & Partners law firm’s employees allow us to represent our clients' interests successfully in cases of any level of complexity.

  • Dana Vasilenoka

    Head of Legal Practice, Partner

  • Anna Berlina

    Head of Legal Practice, Partner

  • Yulia Kravtsova

    Head of Legal Practice, Partner
  • Antonina Abashina

    Legal Assistant
  • Valeria Shevchenko

    Head of Customer service department
  • Anda Vasilenoka

    Deputy Head of Customer service department
  • Olga Korpa

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Marks Amosejevs

Our mission
Protection of interests and rights of our clients taking into account tendencies of law development worldwide.

Our goal
Our main goal is timely and skilled execution of the set tasks.

Our approach
Our clients receive prompt feedback and a high level of confidentiality and professionalism.
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